Below, Part I

“The question of the final fate of High Marshal's Edon the Younger's host remains a hotly debated topic among historians of the Third War of Brothers. It was certain that if the host was to reach the Imperial City and Emperor Tyb III's beleaguered and demoralized army, it would surely have triumphed and brought about the end of the el Herash dynasty. Just days outside the capital, however, the host vanished off the face of the earth. Of its one hundred-thousand light infantry and skirmishers, thirty thousand Brazen Spear heavy infantry elite, ten thousand horse and a full thousand battle mages, theurgists and summoned abominations, nothing remained. The Imperial City was spared and the el Herash dynasty survived for another two centuries before finally succumbing to a combination of a wide scale invasion by the Purati nomads and heavy inbreeding. The infamous Edon the Younger, Scourge of Rashada and Butcher of the Erfif, with his brutal yet undoubtedly effective strategies,

The Redeemer Has Come

  The Redeemer has come. The road from the harbor to the Throne of Ascension was carpeted with flowers - white orchids for the purity of the return, lilies, the flower of the Good Father, pansies, yellow and purple, for the lost children of the age, and roses, of course. The roses didn't symbolize anything in particular, but you just couldn't have this sort of event without them, at least according to the Guild of Florists. The Redeemer has come. The citizenry arrived in throngs from all over the city, from the patricians of Jeweler's Peak to the beggars and lepers of Last Leap. All but the pariahs of the Heretics' Quarter, who sat sullenly at their homes, awaiting the inevitable pogrom that was sure to come when the procession concluded. Such was the way of things. The Redeemer has come. The temples opened their doors to all who wished to give thanks to the gods. Of course, one had to possess enough in the way of gifts to qualify, but that was par for the cours

On the lack of content this last month

 Hey everyone (if there is in fact anyone reading): As you may have noticed, there had been no new posts this last month. The circumstances that led to this are mostly fortunate - I started a new job I rather enjoy and just have a lot less free time to write. I do have a few posts I'm working on which will hopefully be done sooner rather than later, but I don't want to make any promises as to when exactly they'll be up. Thanks for the patience, and I'll see you in the next story. 

On Death

The Master had found me awaiting my death.  After I had witnessed him squeezing the sun I fled, seeking somewhere, anywhere, to hide from the terrible truth of his power, from the awful fa├žade that I had once believed was reality. In my flight I had delved into the heart of the earth, into ever-narrower tunnels, until I had lodged myself into the tightest fissure I could find, far below the world, where the sun could not reach me. Maddened with fear, I sought nothing more than to disappear, eschewing even base self preservation. For weeks I sat in the dark unmoving, my once powerful body transformed into a desiccated wreck by thirst and cold. Death would come for me soon, or so I hoped.  The Master had found me first. He had sauntered into my stone tomb with a nonchalance of a man on a light evening’s constitutional. He brought no light with him yet I could see him perfectly, as if it was my mind seeing him rather than my eyes. As he sat next to my fissure I tried to get away from him,

On Courage

When I came to the Master I found him sitting on the shore. Feet idly kicking about a tidal pool, he was watching a swarm of green turtle hatchlings crawl their way towards the sea. Seagulls and other birds circled about, screeching their frustration as the Master threw shells at them, hitting each bird which attempted to descend upon the hatchlings with unerring accuracy. He did not turn when I prostrated myself beside him. The sun hung low in the sky like an overripe orange, turning the sea to burning copper in its wake “So you’ve returned,” he said, stunning a seagull with a particularly well-aimed chonch, “I always figured you for a fool. What do you want this time?”  “Master,” I said, not removing my my forehead from the itching sand, “I have long dwelled on your last lecture, and on the meaning of terror. I now understand that despite my many deeds, I had never been brave. Tell me, what does true courage mean?” He snorted. “Even an infant knows that to be courageous is to do.”  I


In his right hand he had a glass Caerloch 21 year-old Single Barrel, likely the last in all of existence. In his left he held Nihility, reality's end. He took a sip from the glass in his right. Nihility burned with endless cold hunger in his left. It was his one thousandth and eighty-seventh birthday. He sat on a grassy hill, back leaned against an ancient olive tree, feet propped on a rock. The olive's dun leaves were stirred by a warm southerly wind, which was fortunate, as no wind could come from any other direction. In every direction but south, the void of unbeing consumed reality, toothless mouths gnawing at atoms. Nihility trembled at the sight, but he shushed the dread spear with a rigorous shake, and it sullenly quieted down.  He really wasn't sure why the spear was so impatient. The end has come, and soon it would return to the nothingness from which he summoned it all those years ago. The world will join it there to keep it company. Some of the world's most a

A Land Without Gods : Interlude 1

  Seven months ago. Two weeks following the Fields of Slaughter. Elsewhere.   Aranasius, last god of the Firebrand Pantheon, had lost his beard.  This wasn’t to say it got burned or sheared or simply yanked away - Aranasius’ beard, like all of his hair, was a living creature, and it has gone missing. It was a sorry situation to be sure- what was the god of hair and beards worth if he didn’t even have a beard! He was a minor god in any case, but without half of his Mantel, he might as well be a glorified demigod! He was staring at himself in a mirror framed with liquid mercury, horrified at seeing his chin for the first time in a thousand years. Surely it didn’t use to be this weak, right? Oh, there was no end to his troubles! Take for example the fact that his entire family, brothers and sisters, mother and father, were all dead. But that was a secondary concern all things considered.  “Nasi? Nasi, Nelor has called for a general assembly! Would you get out of the damned privy already?